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Tips From Christchurch Residential Builders For Making Your Brand New House Feel Like Home


Even if your new house has been built exactly to your specifications and desires, it is still likely that it will take a while for you to settle into your brand new property. As residential builders in Christchurch, we have helped many new homeowners become familiar with their new homes, and in this article, we’ll provide you with a few tips for making your brand new house feel like home.

Signs That It’s Time For A Bathroom Renovation


Because your bathroom experiences extreme heat, moisture and dampness on a regular basis, this can often expedite the wear and tear of your bathroom and is one of the reasons why bathrooms are the most commonly renovated rooms in the home. Another reason why people renovate their bathrooms regularly is that the bathroom is a high-traffic room and is certainly one of the most used rooms in the house. This room must be highly practical!

How To Take The Stress Out Of Your Next House Renovations


When your home’s layout is no longer practical, or the design no longer appeals to you, it may be time to invest in some house renovations. While the end result of house renovations is usually well worth the cost and makes living in your home a much more practical and enjoyable experience, renovations can often be stressful for various reasons. Having a team of builders in your home can feel overwhelming, and renovations can also be noisy and expensive.

Tips For Living Room Renovations In Christchurch


The living room is one of the most used rooms in your home. Why else would we call it the living room? Living room renovations in Christchurch with a reliable contractor are a fantastic opportunity to modernise your space and inject it with a healthy dose of your personality and tastes. As construction specialists, Pullin Property is here to share some of our top living room renovation ideas.

Planning Your New Decking In Canterbury


Changing up or renovating your decking can turn your underused outside area into a space you love to use and find any excuse to be in. When it comes to decking in Canterbury, you won’t find a better contractor for the job than Pullin Property. With our experience, we can confidently finish the job with a standard of excellence but also give you some deck renovation ideas to inspire you before you begin.