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Construction Boom: How Home Builders In Christchurch Are Stepping Up To The Challenge

More than a billion dollars in new home builds were approved in Christchurch in the first six months of 2021. This resulted in a 32% rise in building consent applications compared to the same time in 2019.

This construction boom has been met with dedication and efficiency by home builders In Christchurch. As an area earmarked for urban development and increasing in popularity for families, the demand for new housing in Christchurch does not show signs of slowing down.

We examine why property in Christchurch is in such high demand and why now, more than ever, it’s important to have the support of local master builders for your new build.

What Makes Christchurch Such A Great Place To Build A Home?

With sky-high price tags on property for sale in Auckland and Wellington, more and more out of town buyers are driving a housing boom for homes and properties in Christchurch. Affordability is the number one reason Christchurch is an excellent choice for a home build.

The ongoing and increased building activity allows for lower deposits and offers tax breaks for investors. With the housing boom comes a hub of activity that sees people in their 20s and 30s becoming increasingly interested in the city.

With Aukland constantly clamping down on Covid restrictions, Christchurch has become a more attractive option as more and more companies implement work from home policies.

In addition, Christchurch offers the perfect balance between work and leisure with the great outdoors right on your doorstep, with accessible parks, open spaces, hills and coastlines to explore. Commuting is fairly stress-free in Christchurch, with most commuters cycling to and from their homes, businesses and leisure activities daily.

Why Build Local?

With affordability, a well-balanced life and a bright future on offer, the next step is to seriously consider building a home in Christchurch. When you choose to build local, you’ll benefit from a better, more personalised service, quicker timelines, and you’ll be supporting your new local community as well.

The service you get from dealing with a smaller, local residential construction company means greater communication. Dealing with a small but highly experienced team, you’ll likely be communicating with the same person throughout the entire project, which gives a sense of accountability and peace of mind. This high level of communication results in better timelines than it would with larger corporations.

You can rest assured that Christchurch home builders will have a better understanding of the area as well, in terms of weather conditions, local economy, local trends and community. As a result, their expertise will benefit your project even more.

Pullin Property is a small but highly skilled team of home builders near Christchurch, based in Kaiapoi and servicing Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region. We are members of the Masterbuilders Association and Gold Award winners for the Master Builders House of the Year Canterbury 2019. Pullin Property is SiteWise green accredited and offers a high level of safety, compliance, quality and service.

To get started on your new residential build in Christchurch, get in touch today.


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