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Fencing is a key part of any great residential property, to provide privacy from the road while simultaneously upping the value of your property and increasing its aesthetic level. Our team at Pullin Property have years of experience in exterior renovations. We know how a good fence can elevate your home to the next level and create an outdoor space which you can spend time in with family and friends.

Our expert team of builders and renovators can help you figure out the best fencing option for your property, needs and budgets with our comprehensive, in-depth planning process. Preparation is key to any project and renovations are no different. Our years of experience mean we know the best materials, designs and methods to build the best fence we can, and provide our clients with the highest standard of quality. All our projects are guaranteed to stand the test of time and weather well against the elements. With a large structure like a fence, it needs to be able to stay strong and look great for years to come, and we understand everything it takes to assure this.

We have a huge range of styles and materials we can work with, and custom build every fence to fit right at home on the property. We work with homeowners all over the Christchurch region. Get in contact today to find out which fence style is right for you and your home with a free, no-obligation quote.

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