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Complement the exterior of your home and create a dynamic outdoor space with a high-quality pergola. At Pullin Property, we specialise in outdoor renovation, and have designed and installed pergolas all over the Christchurch region. They can also be a great structure to help add height to climbing plants and bring your garden to life.

We carry out all our work with the highest quality materials available, so you can trust the construction of your pergola with Pullin Property will stand the test of time and be a great part of your garden for years to come. We’ve worked with homeowners with many different styles of homes so we understand each job is unique and we will take all the aspects of your property into consideration when designing your pergola. Height, shade and angle of elevation are among the many things we take into account when planning your pergola and will let you know our expert advice on what would fit the space best. With a variety of styles, looks and builds to suit any home, and custom design on top of that, the possibilities are endless. Get in touch today and the Pullin Property team can get back with a free no-obligation quote.

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