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Planning Your New Decking In Canterbury

Changing up or renovating your decking can turn your underused outside area into a space you love to use and find any excuse to be in. When it comes to decking in Canterbury, you won’t find a better contractor for the job than Pullin Property. With our experience, we can confidently finish the job with a standard of excellence but also give you some deck renovation ideas to inspire you before you begin.

Bring In Plenty Of Light

If you enjoy entertaining, make sure you have plenty of light for when your soiree runs into the evening. Trying to eat or socialise in dim lighting is a real downer. Keep it bright!

Consider A Cover

Many people love being outside but don’t want to roast under the sun. Covering the deck with a trellis, an awning or even a stunning fabric canopy can make a huge difference.

Extend The Area

If you can, extend your deck. You can make it ultra-large or start to play with levels. The more space you have, the more interesting ideas you can incorporate.

Enclose It

Make your deck suitable for every season. Enclosing it with canvas or big folding doors means you can open it out in the summertime to enjoy the fine weather and close it up to enjoy it in the colder months or in the event of bad weather.

Bring On The Bubbles

A hot tub or a spa pool is a fun addition to any deck, whether you’re an avid swimmer that would benefit from a swim spa or one who loves to luxuriate in warm jets with your guests.

Try Out A Fire Pit

Fire pits are great for creating a dedicated social space. Something about chatting around a fire is just too cosy to pass up. There are so many ways to design and customise a fire pit, so you can really build it to suit your taste.

Change Up The Floor

Even simply changing your flooring can make a huge difference to the deck. Replace the old wood with something new and modern, or give the existing deck a new stain or bright coat of paint to create an area of interest.

At Pullin Property, we are construction specialists in New Zealand with a knowledgeable, experienced team. We confidently take on any project, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s a small room alteration, a deck renovation or a new home build, we complete the project to a standard of excellence. As members of the Master Builders Association, you can rely on us to deliver results of the highest quality and we offer you the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee to prove it!

To find out more about us or get started on renovating your decking in Canterbury, visit our website or call us at 027 678 3672.


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